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Want some outdoor tanning tips for maintaining healthy skin during outdoor activities? Well, there’s really nothing like the feeling of the sun caressing your skin as you bask in the warmth of its rays….

It’s no wonder that outdoor tanning continues to remain a popular form of relaxation and rejuvenation to millions of people around the world.

Outdoor tanning not only gives you the unparalleled sensation of soaking in natural sunlight, but when done properly leaves you with an attractive glow and replenishment.

By facilitating the body’s production of Vitamin D, outdoor tanning can be a tremendous benefit to preserving youthful skin long into life.

And if you’re among the many who always anxiously watch your local weather forecast to determine the sunniest day for outdoor activity, pay heed to these outdoor tanning tips….

1) Have the necessary products like sunscreen and suntan lotion that can help boost your tan while also guarding against your skin from being dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can easily lead to dry, wrinkled skin…

2) Make sure your outdoor tanning products contain broad spectrum protection and a nonacnegenic element to keep your pores clear. (Some pores may be enlarged in the process of sun tanning.)

3) Remember that in outdoor tanning you cannot control the UV intensity of the sunlight, so plan appropriately to take breaks and reapply protective lotion.

4) The sun is strongest between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, which produces intense rays especially during the hot summer months. Avoid such timings outdoor as far as possible.

5) Understand that medications such as prescription acne medications or birth control pills can affect your outdoor tanning results due to body sensitivity….hence, you may want to opt for self tanners, salon tanning treatments or otherwise request a switch of medications from your physicians.

Try to keep these outdoor tanning tips in mind and always be extra demanding in your selection of any outdoor products.

Note: It is important that you change your expose angle of your body profile regularly. For example - if you have an average skin darkness (like I do :) ) it's advisable that you turn over every 30 min. So after two hours of sunbathing you would expose 2 x 30 min of your rear side of your body and 2 x 30 min of your back side. Just remember that face and belly burns much faster then legs and back.
And one more thing - never try to determinate your tan level during sunbathing because first redness appears about 30min after exposure to the Sun.